The Level 3 COVID-19 Management course is the final step and builds upon the information gained in Level 1 and 2. It is designed to provide production management with knowledge and understanding of key areas of COVID-19 safety management pertinent to their responsibilities and executing their duty of care. 

Delivered through a selection of interactive presentations, PDF’s, short videos, multiple choice quizzes, animations and voice overs, this Management course is aimed at any Line Producer, Senior Production Management individual, Senior Producer or Head of Production who is responsible for Health and Safety on location. It provides industry standard guidance on key areas production companies will be responsible for in the “new normal” and will help to develop understanding on how this can be applied to specific situations.

This flexible, online course has been created in modules to make it easier to pause and pick up again at any time of the day. Individuals wishing to complete this Management course can select their preferred payment option below. For productions looking to enrol multiple users please get in touch.

This course is still under construction, however, for more information you can download our Level 3 Training Objectives here.



  • 2

    Module 6: Screening & Testing

    • Self Declaration

    • UK Medical Declaration Example

    • US Medical Declaration Example

    • Testing

    • COVID-19 Testing Document

    • Isolation / Quarantine

    • Confirmation of Learning

  • 3

    Module 7: Editorial

    • Editorial "On Camera" Requirements

    • Confirmation of Learning

  • 4

    Module 8: International Travel

    • International Travel Framework

  • 5

    Module 9: COVID Policy & Corporate Management

    • COVID Policy, Protocols & Responsibilities

    • Communication & Informed Consent

    • Record Keeping

    • Non Compliance

    • Feedback, Reporting & Reviewing Protocols

    • Confirmation of Learning

  • 6

    Module 10: Response

    • COVID-19 on Production - Response Plan

    • COVID-19 on Production

    • First Aid on Production

    • Confirmation of Learning

Production Safety in the New Normal: COVID-19 Management


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