We take people to unusual destinations, extreme locations and remote places on Team Expeditions, Adventures and TV & Film projects. Navigating our way through the remote wilds of this earth is how we made our name. Forging new routes, claiming first ascents and experiencing daily life so far removed from our own. Our British military background and experience running pioneering, world first expeditions into the wildest corners of the world means we can focus on rigorous planning and intuitively understanding the risks involved, allowing you to push creative boundaries whilst protecting your team.


Alongside our medical partners, Vala Health, we can offer a comprehensive set of specialist medical, health and safety services to advise TV and Film production companies on COVID-19 and working in the "new normal". Our expertise stems from experience with infection control practices and remote healthcare in remote tropical regions, including Ebola outbreaks. These services in addition to current protocols, or built in as a holistic approach alongside our other industry-leading risk management services.
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Our expert teams get your crew into the world’s most inaccessible corners to capture the extraordinary. The specialist skills, equipment and staff we provide help put your story first, and your mind at ease. In remote and potentially dangerous environments, specific skills and training will ensure your project’s smooth running and will minimise risk from the outset.
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In high-risk and remote environments, a producer’s key concern is the well-being of cast and crew. We offer a tailor-made approach to suit each productions needs; this includes providing a full range of highly qualified doctors and paramedics alongside medical risk reccomendations, bespoke health briefings and training packages for cast and crew.
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Currently the TV & Film industry has little to no formal training for individuals who are responsible for planning, developing and managing shoots in remote and hostile environments. Our Risk Management course intends to lead a shift change in thinking, where the editorial intent defines the risk profile and risk management becomes an integrated part of the production process. The training ultimately assists producers with their competing priorities, allowing them to better look after the crew whilst still satisfying key stakeholders.
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