The Level 1 COVID-19 Awareness Course is designed to provide a generic briefing to enable individuals to increase their awareness of COVID-19, better understand their responsibilities and identify how the broader industry standard mitigation measures will affect them in the ‘new normal’. This introduction provides a solid foundation to then receive location specific briefings or complete further courses.

Consisting of a 8 minute long animated video and short multiple choice quiz, this initial training is intended for all crew members and can be completed at their own pace and at any time. Once successfully finished, individuals will receive a certificate which can be used as proof of completion. 

Individuals wishing to complete this Awareness Course and gain their certificate can register with their email address and pay below. For production managers looking to enrol multiple users or license the video for internal training, please see the pricing structure and get in touch.

Number of Students Cost per Student / £
0 - 10 15
11 - 30 12
31 - 70 8
71 - 150 6
150+ 4

For UK customers, please note, all prices are excluding VAT.

Production Safety in the New Normal: COVID-19 Awareness


  • $100.00

    $100.00Production Safety in the New Normal: COVID-19 Planning

    This Level 2 course is the next step and builds upon the information gathered in Level 1. It is suited to any department head or person responsible for coordinating COVID-19 safety, as well as production management and producers. It also provides a certificate of completion once the course is finished.
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  • $80.00

    $80.00Production Safety in the New Normal: COVID-19 Management

    The Level 3 COVID-19 Management Course is the final stage and builds upon the information covered in previous levels. It looks at the additional considerations applicable at a managerial level and is intended to be relevant to those who have greater responsibilities for productions.
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